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Property Investment Made Easy

There are many paths to financial freedom using investment properties.

But property investment can be a minefield for the inexperienced!

It is very easy to make poor decisions that result in losses rather than gains.

Let us help you make the right decisions for your investment property loan.

At MortgageMe, we are property investors ourselves and can help you answer the many questions you will have.

Questions like:

·         Should my investment property loan be interest-only or principal and interest?

·         How do I protect myself from rising interest rates?

·         Should I split my property portfolio between banks?

·         Should I split my loan between different fixed-rate terms?

·         How can I keep my family home and investment portfolio separate?

·         How much deposit do I need?

·         Do I need to have my own home loan repaid?

·         Should I focus on capital gain or high rental return?

Our personal experience with property investing can help you.

We can offer advice, answer questions and help you make the right property investment decisions.

Contact us today to discuss your property investment plans.


How much deposit do I need?Closed FAQ iconOpen FAQ icon
If you already own a property you may not need to have any cash deposit at all. You may be able to use your existing property as collateral to secure your investment property purchase.

If you’re buying an investment property and it’s the first property you will own then the bank will ask for a deposit, normally 10% deposit is required but you may also be able to buy with no deposit if you have a guarantor.
Do I need to have my own home loan repaid?Closed FAQ iconOpen FAQ icon
No – the bank may be able to lend you the full price of the investment property if you have enough equity in your current home (or other property).
Should I focus on capital gain or high rental return?Closed FAQ iconOpen FAQ icon
Every investor will have a different path to investment property prosperity. There are plenty of ways to make money in investment property, depending on your financial situation your path will be unique to you.

At MortgageMe we have helped hundreds of clients make money through property investment, we have seen what works and what doesn’t and we can advise you on a path into property investment.

We are also property investors too so we know all the tricks and traps.
How do I get the best deal?Closed FAQ iconOpen FAQ icon
If you dealing directly with the bank it is always hard to know if the deal you are being offered is the best deal in the market. Most people arrange a home loan only a handful of times in their lives. At MortgageMe we are arranging hundreds of customer loans a year, we know what the best deals look like and we know how to handle the banks.
I have been declined for a loan, what do I do?Closed FAQ iconOpen FAQ icon
Don’t panic, just because one bank has declined you does not mean they all will.

Every bank has different lending policies, at MortgageMe we know what they are and can quickly move your application to the bank that gives you the greatest chance of being approved.

We are also experts at thinking outside the square, something that a lot of banks don’t do so well.