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What is Mortgageme?

Mortgageme is a new exciting mortgage adviser brand born out of Dunedin, created by Daryl Taylor.

We are a Mortgage Broking business that wants to support other great advisers with a high-class brand to create and develop a network of top performing advisers throughout the country.

We are specialist Mortgage advisers that have successfully integrated full insurance advise into our business to protect our client base, increase cashflow/income and develop long term business value. We are happy to share our experience to help you increase the value and revenue in your business.

Why was it created?

Fed up with the corporate environment in the banking industry Daryl left his banking role and set up as a mortgage broker in Dunedin. Whilst the change to mortgage broking was massively successful for Daryl, he found himself in a mortgage broking franchise that still had that corporate structure that limited the value of his business.

What is Mortgageme not?

We are not a franchise. Whilst franchises have been popular over the past 20 years we do not think the idea of a franchise in the mortgage broking industry works. There is no blueprint to success, no McDonalds recipe or system to follow. Every mortgage adviser operates different to the next and there are many paths to success, we are just here to support great advisers in their path.

Mortgageme is not interested in controlling your commissions or client base. You have 100% control over your income and client ownership.

We do not lock in advisers to our brand and advisers are free to leave at any time if they feel our band is no longer a good fit for them.

We do not take a percentage of your income, our model is an affordable flat monthly fee.

Who would the Mortgageme brand suit best?

Experienced mortgage advisers that are looking to grow their business and do not want to lock themselves into expensive corporate brands.

Insurance advisers that want to get in front of more clients to help them write more insurance products and increase income.

Bank employees that want to take control over their financial destiny and start their own business.


Importantly advisers that join us must be happy to share their success stories with other advisers in the Mortgageme group and collectively form part of a high performing team that is happy to help others achieve more and in turn achieve more themselves.