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So you’ve already got your mortgage, but it’s not quite the right fit.

Or your circumstances have changed and your mortgage needs a new look, too. Time to refinance. With our expert help, rather than a hassle, this is an opportunity to shop around for a mortgage deal which really suits your needs. We’ll negotiate with the banks to get you a great rate and a loan structure which works for you.


What does it cost to change banks?Closed FAQ iconOpen FAQ icon
You will need to engage a lawyer to help you do this, lawyers fees vary but in 99% of cases we can get the new bank to cover the costs of changing over.

The bank may also charge you a fee if your loan is still in a fixed rate, sometimes it is prudent to break the loan and pay the fee, other times its best to wait until the end of your fixed term and sometimes we can even get the new bank to pay the break fee for you.
How much of a hassle is it to change?Closed FAQ iconOpen FAQ icon
Banks are well set up to help you through this process, they have dedicated staff that can help you switch your income over and set up all your direct debits and automatic payments making switching easy as.
How do I save money?Closed FAQ iconOpen FAQ icon
There are lots of ways you can save money on your home loan, a lower interest rate is one way. The real savings come when you look at paying a few extra dollars off you loan each week.
How do I get the best deal?Closed FAQ iconOpen FAQ icon
If you dealing directly with the bank it is always hard to know if the deal you are being offered is the best deal in the market. Most people arrange a home loan only a handful of times in their lives. At MortgageMe we are arranging hundreds of customer loans a year, we know what the best deals look like and we know how to handle the banks.